Thursday, 31 July 2014

Adventures: Onto Amroth, Day Two

















Crikey, how many photos?! It was amazing to be back at Amroth. After the huge storms the country experienced in January, Amroth didn't fare at all well. Parts of the main road and the sea wall was completely destroyed and there were roadworks aplenty for a couple of months! Thankfully, everything is now back to normal, and it was great to be able to sit in our spot and watch the waves and the tide coming in. We had a lovely long two mile walk along the shore and then explored the rock pools at the far left of the beach. I haven't been here before, not since childhood, so it was great to have a really good look! We discovered caves, and a massive rock. I think I've found my new favourite part of Amroth, although it's slippery underfoot! After a huge Sunday roast at the local pub I went back and did my traditional picking a pebble, paddling in the sea, and writing a letter home. What an awesome day. Till next time, Amroth!

The Daily Snap - 31/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - Super Selfie!

Last day of #radicalselflovejuly, and here's my super selfie in which I look completely thoughtful! Maybe it's because I'm thinking of what photos I'm going to take after today, who knows? Either way, it's been a blast!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Adventures: Fun In Tenby, Day One












Today I am mostly feeling exhausted and hungover (but not from alcohol, you know - from travelling. Anyone else get that?) from an amazing weekend in Tenby! It was one of those weekends in which we had an eventful journey down. There was this bird, right... and it flew into our car! Luckily it was okay, although I immediately earned a few grey hairs as a result! Scary stuff! Minutes later we saw a hot air balloon.

Once we made it to the town and ate a beautiful cheese salad baguette, several mini donuts, crisps and a banana (and that was just my lunch alone!) we paid a visit to St Catherine's Island, which has finally been opened to the public for tours! We've always seen the island when visiting Tenby, but as it's been closed we've never really known what it was used for and what's in it, so going on the tour and seeing it up close was brilliant. After climbing many steep steps and crossing a metal bridge (don't look down!) we made it onto the island, and had a look around an air raid shelter. There were also army helmets to try on, too.

After a short walk up the hill we were able to see the main fort! I was blown away from the incredible views from all around. At one point my stomach lurched when I looked over, you really are higher than everyone else... and the families on the beach below look like ants. Eek! Without giving away too much from the tour, the fort itself isn't yet open to the public, but hopefully it should be at some point in the future. Amazingly, the island is pretty much the same as it was all that time ago... it was even a small zoo! We had a great time on the island and would definitely go again!

More photos, anyone?







We also paid a visit to Saundersfoot and watched the world go by from a park bench. The sea was coming in, leaving Mr Whippy in peril (see my Daily Snap from Saturday for further details!) and a man in a police kayak (who wasn't actually a policeman, or using a police kayak) had a seagull land on the back of his boat! I wrote up my visual diary for the day and posted it. It was super exciting when the letters arrived through the post a few days later... :)

Join me tomorrow for the next installment of our grand beach adventure!

The Daily Snap - 30/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - I Love...

Today's #radicalselflovejuly is I Love... I had to look this up today to check what it was about, and it's about the things you love about yourself. So here goes...

1. The heart shaped vein in my foot.
2. My long legs, and being 6ft tall!
3. My eyes
4. My ability to eat *everything*
5. My sense of humour
6. Having limits... knowing what I want and don't want to do.
7. Having an eye for the unusual and an eye for details!
8. My work ethic... being able to get stuff done!
9. Being happy with a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds!
10. The ability to be kind and to help others
11. Achieving dreams, big and small
12. Not caring what other people think.
13. Just being Rach.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Daily Snap - 29/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - Mirror Wisdom

Today's #radicalselflovejuly is Mirror Wisdom. It's far better telling yourself you're awesome rather than awful!

The Daily Snap - 29/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - Blow bubbles

Today's #radicalselflovejuly is blowing bubbles. Of course, I did it in Tenby. Well, my lovely Mum kindly blew the bubbles for me while I took a photo!

The Daily Snap - 27/07/14


Today's #radicalselflovejuly was Pampering. So I gave my face a good cleanse, tone and polish with Liz Earle products!

The Daily Snap - 26/07/14


- I Wish I Was - this was hard given that I was in Tenby at the time, but I used to wish I was an ice cream lady. How cool would that be? (Ha, funny joke alert!) Then we saw the hard time Mr Whippy was having at the beach.