Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Daily Snap - 20/04/14

Someone built the Easter story in Lego!

Someone built the Easter story, in Lego!

The Daily Snap - 19/04/14

Paper is my favourite

Paper is my favourite.

The Daily Snap - 18/04/14


Inspiration is the name of the game, and for the print on the right, I need a frame. #poetandididntknowit

The Daily Snap - 17/04/14


Cookies! I tried a cookie stamp today and it went okay... although maybe an easier design would look more effective, I guess!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Daily Snap - 16/04/14

My favourite new glass

My favourite new glass - which I had for my birthday and I LOVE.

The Daily Snap - 15/04/14

Tiger Bread

Tiger bread. You know when you eat a piece of bread and it's so silky and lovely it's like stroking a soft blanket? This.

The Daily Snap - 14/04/14



Monday, 14 April 2014

The Daily Snap - 13/04/14

I found them like this.

I really did find them like this. You guys!

The Daily Snap - 12/04/14

One meal, three different drinks

One meal, three different drinks!

The Daily Snap - 11/04/14

On the shelf

On the shelf - because of some new space that has been freed up, I have a new, empty shelf to put stuff on. So, I've filled it with an owl, an ancient 1990s Puppy In My Pocket which I found under my bed, my favourite watermelon-print film camera and my wish jar.

The Daily Snap - 10/04/14

Hung up

Hung up - this picture.